What is LROME™?

What is LROME™?

LROME™ (Limited Range of Motion Exercise) is a scientifically proven low impact strength-training method with a host of benefits for all clients; especially those with specifically challenged musculoskeletal issues.

LROME™ was developed to increase muscle growth while decreasing damage to connective tissue (muscle, tendon and cartilage). LROME™ increases muscle strength and limits the risks normally associated with larger movements. LROME™ reduces reliance on secondary muscles groups and decreases the soreness commonly associated with traditional methods.

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LROME™ has been used with Satin Wellness clients for 25 years with excellent results. Here is what our clients have to say:

  • Dr. C.D., 57 Nantucket & West Palm Beach – 23-year client

    “I have worked with my Satin Wellness Specialists since 1996 and they have assisted me in overcoming a debilitating case of Spinal Stenosis so that I can continue my Dental practice…

  • JC, 80 Stroke, Heart Attack (2) & Cancer Survivor – Buffalo, NY, Cape Cod and Boca Raton – 22-year client

    “Since 1994 I have been training with Satin Wellness and LROME™ has made me stronger! It helped me recover from two heart attacks, three major surgeries and multiple strokes much sooner than expected…

  • Dr. D.C., 60 Stroke – FL and Cape Cod – 12-year client

    “Being overweight is an issue as a doctor. Having a stroke was an issue for my life and family. I decided to do something about it. I did my research and called Satin Wellness…

  • Kim H., 70 Boston, MA & Eden Prairie, MN – 180-pound weight loss – 14-year client

    “Satin Wellness has the only program that worked for me.
    I was 5’2 and weighed 240 pounds when we started. I had tried it all. I now run, lift weights, take care of my Grandchildren and am very happy…

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