Sue B., 3-year client, 62-year-old, CEO, Sandwich, MA

Sue B., 3-year client, 62-year-old, CEO, Sandwich, MA

5 year client – 180 pound weight loss. In May 2004, I had seen Satin Wellness on a Saturday with clients. They went out of their way to stop and tell me what a great job I was doing and to offer encouragement. That meant a lot to me. I remember thinking that I would love to work with a trainer if and when I ever got healthy enough. Well, around the end of August, I felt ready enough to approach them and I sent them an email.

Working with Satin Wellness has taught me so much about the mental aspect of exercise. I look forward to our workouts because I really feel like I’ve worked properly and I have a great time doing it. What I like the most is his emphasis on form first. Small adjustments make such a huge difference and I could saw changes pretty quickly. They always seem to know what I need, what I can take any given week. They know when I need to be serious, and when he needs to cut me some slack. As to how much and how fast I lost this weight, I lost the first 100 pounds by the six month mark, and 160 at the one year mark and an additional 13 since January 10.

I started at 340 pounds! I am now at 170 and I am running marathons!! Every drop of sweat has transformed me not only physically but I got mentally stronger everyday. I did not go on a diet per se; I did however cut out the junk, and work hard at eating healthy every day. I wanted a life change, not a quick fix.

To me, diet implies you eventually “come off” something. I have occasionally gotten a little sloppy in my eating but never overeat. I am now able to dial it back when eat something unhealthy. However, I firmly believe that what created such a large weight loss in such a relatively short time is EXERCISE. Even at my heaviest I have always been fairly active. I sometimes had to remind myself I was a fat chick, however, I wasn’t working hard, and as I get older, it was getting a little more difficult to move freely. At 41, it was beginning to be a huge health issue. That being said, even if I didn’t lose a pound, what exercise has done for me mentally is incredible. It’s the best drug ever invented.

Thank you Satin Wellness.”

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