Robin G., 8-year client, 66-year-old, English Professor, Newton, MA

Robin G., 8-year client, 66-year-old, English Professor, Newton, MA

I have spent many, many hours in traditional physical therapy over the last 10-15 years for help with my lower back. Some of it was very helpful, but the problems always came back. There are two big differences between physical therapy and sessions with my Satin Wellness Specialist. The obvious one is that he is paid to spend more time tailoring exercises and sessions to my specific needs, unlike physical therapists that are seeing many more people to the point that I sometimes felt like I was part of an assembly line. The other equally important difference is his attitude. His plan is not just to ease the pain, but to get rid of it altogether and to improve my overall physical well being so that I can do anything I want. He assumes that I can get to that point and it has changed my outlook. I am looking forward to being physically stronger than I have been in a very long time.

I had been having many hours of sciatic pain on a daily basis when I started my first session with my specialist. The exercises I had learned in physical therapy were no longer working and I was feeling worried and depressed about it. My specialist took me through a series of uncomplicated exercises during which he would repeatedly ask, “How’s your foot now?” I was amazed that my foot pain went away during some of these exercises. By the end of the first session, the pain was down about 75% and I felt even better later in the day.

I have had just 5 sessions with my specialist so far and the difference has been pretty incredible. I had one day where I “forgot” about my back problem altogether for most of the day. That hasn’t happened to me for a very long time. I have been doing core exercises daily and focusing on posture, especially while driving, which has always been a problem for my back. Now I’m able to take long drives without any lasting pain. I have never done any strength training but I will be starting that now with my specialist since my back is much better. After years of chronic back problems, I never thought I would feel this optimistic about my physical well being.

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