Benjamin Satin

Benjamin Satin has been an LROME™ user since 1999, as an athlete in Ice Hockey and Lacrosse, and in recovery from multiple joint surgical procedures. As a Senior Wellness Specialist certified in LROME™, Benjamin specializes in addressing the unique needs of his clients as they strive to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Benjamin carries a roster of Satin Wellness clients in the Boston, South Shore, and on Cape Cod. He assists them in reaching their goals in a safe and effective manner. His passion for helping people has brought him to join the Satin Wellness team and he’s excited to use the LROME™ methodology that he’s worked with for years.

LROME™ is a proprietary and scientifically proven strength training methodology developed that focuses on strengthening specifically challenged muscle groups, is safer to use than full range of motion exercises and eliminates momentum and that makes LROME™ safer on joints and muscles. LROME™ was developed in 1981 by Steve Satin and is being used by over 600 people to increase muscle strength in a safe and effective way. It focuses on specific muscle groups and limits the risks normally associated with larger movements.


•2015 – LROME™ Certified Wellness Specialist
•2018 – WITS Certified Personal Trainer
•2018 – CPR –American Heart Association

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