Since 1991, Satin Wellness has provided in-home, personal training wellness company from South Shore, Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod to Boston and Metro West. Fitness is our specialty and we have a unique approach – Strength to Live – that combines focus techniques to help clients achieve their wellness and personal training goals.

Satin Wellness was created for individuals who are seeking wellness, health and fitness on a personal, one-on-one basis where our wellness specialists focus entirely on the client. You control the environment.

Our Wellness Specialists treat each client as an individual and work with you to understand your goals, needs and motivations to create a fitness and wellness program designed just for you.

What sets us apart is that we bring all of the fitness equipment to your home or office at a time that is most convenient for you and most importantly allows you to create your own setting for maximum motivation. That’s right, we bring all of the equipment to you.

Our Philosophy is based in the belief that health and wellness requires a balanced approach.

We developed Strength to Live to assist our clients in finding a balance of family, life, job, stress and wellness. You may have simple or complex fitness or health goals but everyone’s individual goal is better served with a focused and balanced approach. That’s Strength to Live.

Whether your wellness goal is to walk better, stand straighter, develop healthier habits, reduce pain, increase the length of your golf shot or find a new you, Strength to Live will help you.

We deliver results to all residents of Boston Massachusetts, the South Shore and Cape Cod, Naples Florida, Bonita Springs Florida, Marco Island Florida, New Hamsphire, New Jersey and New York. Fitness is more than just your goal; it’s ours as well.


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  • Being overweight is an issue as a doctor. Having a stroke was an issue for my life and family. I decided to do something about it. I did my research and called Satin Wellness. I went to physical therapy; which was great, but when I finished I needed more Satin Wellness was all I could ever ask for! They came to my home at my time (6 a.m.) and concentrated on my specific issues and helped me get further than I ever would have on my own.

    Dr. David C., 10-year-client, 62-year-old, Physician, Falmouth, MA

  • Since 1994 I have been training with Satin Wellness and LROME™ has made me stronger! It helped me recover from two heart attacks, three major surgeries and multiple strokes much sooner than expected. My Specialist spoke with my doctors and developed a program to help me get all the way back. Working with Satin Wellness is a lifesaver; when we first started back after my second major heart attack I could only exercise with one pound hand weights and walk 5 minutes at a time. I am now strength training three times a week and I’m very strong. Not bad for 76 years old.”

    John C., 22-year client, 78-year-old, CEO, New Seabury, MA and Boca Raton, FL

  • I have worked with my Satin Wellness Specialists since 1996 and they have assisted me in overcoming a debilitating case of Spinal Stenosis so that I can continue my Dental practice. I see my Specialist three times per week and it is amazing how good I feel after our sessions. Waking at 5:30 to see my Specialist at my home is not the easiest thing in the world, but without it I would not have been able to continue practicing.

    Dr. Chuck D., 24 –year-client, 58-year old, Dentist, Sandwich, MA and West Palm Beach, FL

  • Satin Wellness has the only program that worked for me.
    I was 5’2 and weighed 240 pounds when we started. I had tried it all. I now run, lift weights, take care of my Grandchildren and am very happy. I am astonished that I could do all of these things. At 70 I never thought I could become this fit and feel this great! I have changed my body, how I feel and LROME™ has helped me feel great about myself! My Specialist helped me with gentle humor and understanding.

    Kim H., 10-year client, 70-year-old, CEO, Hyannis, MA and Eden Prairie, MN

  • I was a former cyclist and Triathlete who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident ten years ago.My prognoses while in a five month coma was pessimistic – even to survive.

    I had therapy periodically, but that has been sporadic and has essentially stopped. Enter Satin Wellness – who has changed my life!‘Your constant and consistent training coupled with positive verbal driving has made my progress to where I am walking up and down stairs, riding a bike alone, and kayaking. I continue to climb the hill toward returning to an ever-increasing functional life -and I recognize that this is the most important thing to me.

    Nathan C., 10-year client, 44-year-old, Traumatic Brain Injury, Monument Beach, MA

  • Thanks very much for your help in addressing and apparently curing my sciatica issues.

    As you know, I have experienced chronic, excruciating pain during the past year. This resulted from the dislocation of discs, which were touching and aggravating the sciatic nerve. I had tried several remedies, including chiropractic and treatment from various physical therapists, all of which seemed to have minimal, if any, impact on the recurring pain and mobility.

    Following my first treatment with you, however, I observed a tangible reduction in pain and discomfort. Following subsequent treatments, and a daily regimen of exercise, the pain appears to have been completely eliminated. In addition, the stretching and strengthening program you have developed for me is inspiring confidence that the pain will not recur, while also strengthening muscles critical to the many other sports I enjoy, including tennis, golf, jogging and skiing.

    I am delighted with the results. You have provided me with an exceptional level of understanding of the causes of my pain, and expertise in applying the correct remedies. It is great to be pain-free after almost a year of discomfort.

    Thomas S. , 10-year client, 63-year-old, Investment Banker and Business Broker, Boston, MA and Palm Beach, FL

  • I have spent many, many hours in traditional physical therapy over the last 10-15 years for help with my lower back. Some of it was very helpful, but the problems always came back. There are two big differences between physical therapy and sessions with my Satin Wellness Specialist. The obvious one is that he is paid to spend more time tailoring exercises and sessions to my specific needs, unlike physical therapists that are seeing many more people to the point that I sometimes felt like I was part of an assembly line. The other equally important difference is his attitude. His plan is not just to ease the pain, but to get rid of it altogether and to improve my overall physical well being so that I can do anything I want. He assumes that I can get to that point and it has changed my outlook. I am looking forward to being physically stronger than I have been in a very long time.

    I had been having many hours of sciatic pain on a daily basis when I started my first session with my specialist. The exercises I had learned in physical therapy were no longer working and I was feeling worried and depressed about it. My specialist took me through a series of uncomplicated exercises during which he would repeatedly ask, “How’s your foot now?” I was amazed that my foot pain went away during some of these exercises. By the end of the first session, the pain was down about 75% and I felt even better later in the day.

    I have had just 5 sessions with my specialist so far and the difference has been pretty incredible. I had one day where I “forgot” about my back problem altogether for most of the day. That hasn’t happened to me for a very long time. I have been doing core exercises daily and focusing on posture, especially while driving, which has always been a problem for my back. Now I’m able to take long drives without any lasting pain. I have never done any strength training but I will be starting that now with my specialist since my back is much better. After years of chronic back problems, I never thought I would feel this optimistic about my physical well being.

    Robin G., 8-year client, 66-year-old, English Professor, Newton, MA

  • I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how thoroughly happy and satisfied I am with the program you have developed for me by the Satin Wellness Team.

    My shoulder bursitis has resolved. I have noted more strength when I hit a tennis ball… My stamina with bicycling, and my ease with going up hills has improved. And my family and I recently visited a tree adventure park where we were needed strength, stamina, balance, and thought to navigate the complex and challenging courses – I was amazed at my improved balance walking along rope lines and at my ability to climb up and down without feeling tired or achy. – I did more courses than I thought I would be able to do!

    As an Internal Medicine physician, I know the importance of routine exercise and discuss it routinely with patients. This regimen, coupled with additional cardiovascular training, has been quite helpful and easily fits into my hectic, busy schedule. I review and do my regimen at my own pace at the time of my choosing.

    When my specialist said it would take 20 minutes 3-4 times per week, he was right! The exercises targeting specific muscle groups done appropriately and correctly (and I always can review my print copies or discuss with the Team if I am uncertain) has been quite enlightening and for me, noticeably helpful! This is a regimen that I know I can stick with!

    As I tell patients, I walk the walk and talk the talk – I would never make a referral to a program, a physician, a hospital that I would not choose for myself. This program via Satin Wellness is a solid program that I proudly recommend.

    Dr. Marcia F., 4-year client, 56-year-old, Falmouth, MA

  • 5 year client – 180 pound weight loss. In May 2004, I had seen Satin Wellness on a Saturday with clients. They went out of their way to stop and tell me what a great job I was doing and to offer encouragement. That meant a lot to me. I remember thinking that I would love to work with a trainer if and when I ever got healthy enough. Well, around the end of August, I felt ready enough to approach them and I sent them an email.

    Working with Satin Wellness has taught me so much about the mental aspect of exercise. I look forward to our workouts because I really feel like I’ve worked properly and I have a great time doing it. What I like the most is his emphasis on form first. Small adjustments make such a huge difference and I could saw changes pretty quickly. They always seem to know what I need, what I can take any given week. They know when I need to be serious, and when he needs to cut me some slack. As to how much and how fast I lost this weight, I lost the first 100 pounds by the six month mark, and 160 at the one year mark and an additional 13 since January 10.

    I started at 340 pounds! I am now at 170 and I am running marathons!! Every drop of sweat has transformed me not only physically but I got mentally stronger everyday. I did not go on a diet per se; I did however cut out the junk, and work hard at eating healthy every day. I wanted a life change, not a quick fix.

    To me, diet implies you eventually “come off” something. I have occasionally gotten a little sloppy in my eating but never overeat. I am now able to dial it back when eat something unhealthy. However, I firmly believe that what created such a large weight loss in such a relatively short time is EXERCISE. Even at my heaviest I have always been fairly active. I sometimes had to remind myself I was a fat chick, however, I wasn’t working hard, and as I get older, it was getting a little more difficult to move freely. At 41, it was beginning to be a huge health issue. That being said, even if I didn’t lose a pound, what exercise has done for me mentally is incredible. It’s the best drug ever invented.

    Thank you Satin Wellness.”

    Sue B., 3-year client, 62-year-old, CEO, Sandwich, MA

  • Steve was highly recommended by a colleague in my law office, and I reached out to him to help with debilitating sciatic pain.

    In a word, Steve is great. As a person that has exercised for many years off and on, I’ve worked with many personal trainers and therapist over the years, and Steve knows hiscraft better than any of them. More importantly, to me, Steve provides a level of care, attention, and personal service that is simply outstanding. I highly recommend Steve to everyone, and in particular to busy professionals.

    Mark C. , 4-year client, 60-year-old, Law Partner, Wellesley, MA and West Palm Beach, FL

  • I needed help to regain my strength due to aging and a recent stroke. I hadn’t realized how weak I was until I came home from the Rehab Hospital. I called Satin Wellness and their team of wellness specialists came into my home and helped me regain mobility.

    After my debilitating stroke, I was afraid I would never be able to walk again. Satin Wellness and the “Strength to Live” program helped me regain my mobility and become independent again. It is wonderful to be able to move back into my home and stay here.

    Thank goodness for Satin Wellness and Strength to Live!

    Caroline L., 12-year client, 89-year-old, Yarmouth, MA

  • When I sold my company at 35 and was looking for ways to give of myself, I decided to start a charitable organization. When approached by a large man that threatened me I knew I needed to make some changes in my body and lifestyle.

    I did a Google Search and was lucky enough to find a company with quite a bit of experience that would work with me online. I travel quite a bit and it was the only way we could meet consistently. Working with Satin Wellness on Skype and using the LROME™ method has been great for me.

    The workouts are very difficult, my specialists push me very hard and the way they talk to me quietly through my headphones is such a plus. Using my laptop or iPad allows them to see me and critique my form. It is exactly what I have always needed.

    I have put on 30 pounds of muscle in 3 years, no belly fat and changed my appearance. Because of the workouts I was confident enough to start taking self-defense classes. I have become a black belt.

    My confidence is now soaring and cannot thank Satin Wellness and their specialists enough. Even when they cannot be there they are always there.

    Thank you.

    B. Martin , 8-year client, 44-year-old, CEO, New York, NY

  • About a year ago and at 61, I went on a trip to a tropical island. The beach was full of fit and trim people. I then realized that I needed to make a change in my diet and exercise regiment. I had gotten old and fat. As a former high school and college athlete, I never thought it would happen to me. For the past 28 years, I have been sitting behind my desk and working long hours. For many years when I was younger, I hit the gym constantly. Then with the demands of family life and raising two sons who enjoyed sports, I had less and less time to workout on my own. At the same time, my job became more demanding and father time started to catch up me. I sacrificed my diet and all but gave up exercising. I then started having severe muscular back problems (3 weeks on my back), my weight ballooned to an all time high, and my flexibility disappeared which is not good for someone who enjoys playing golf. I needed to change my eating and exercise habits that were just no longer working. I wanted a trainer who could motivate me and did not offer a “one size fits all program.” A mutual acquaintance introduced me to Satin Wellness. My Satin Wellness Specialists are not your typical trainers. He understands the obstacles to good health that people like me face daily. My specialist works with me to customize a workout and dietary program that I can stick with over time. Is it hard to stick to the workout and diet programs? The answer is yes. In the past year, however, I have radically changed my diet. I now actually enjoy and look forward to eating more fruits, vegetables, and fish. I check in daily with my specialist about what I eat and drink, and I am honest about my limitations and the constant challenges I face with never ending business lunches, dinners, and receptions. I am a work in progress but I am happy so far. I have lost some weight and have been keeping it off. I have much more to lose but I know it will take time.

    As for my back and flexibility issues, I feel 10 to 15 years younger. I no longer have any back pain or spasms. I am driving the golf ball an extra 40 to 50 yards and can pick up items off the floor without worrying about pulling a back muscle. I can work out with my boys who are now high school and college athletes. I am content with being in good shape for my age.

    Satin Wellness methods work. They are trustworthy, honest, and care.

    E. Russell , 7-year client, 62-year-old, Law Partner, Weston, MA and Boca Raton, FL

  • We avoided exercise for years despite our doctor’s urgings. We had no interest — we had no time. And then the injuries and surgeries began which took enormous rehab efforts and brought great inconvenience to our lives…Rotator cuff, quad tendon severed lower back sprain, etc”. Miraculously we found Satin Wellness.

    Gingerly we began “Strength to Live” program that our wellness specialists planned for us. Now we are far more agile and much stronger and eagerly look forward to our bi-weekly workouts. We even do the daily stretches and strengthening exercises that was designed for us. The program really helped with the pictures of us you took doing the exercises helped us remember how to do them. What a great idea! The workouts are fun because the specialists’ sense of humor is phenomenal but we have made great progress because of all of your vast knowledge and ability to tailor the day’s exercise to the immediate need.

    As for motivation, Satin Wellness is first rate and you have led us to a better life in every way — and to think we were so sure we had no interest and no time for something which has become very important to us!

    Ted & Barbara, 5-year clients, 72 and 70-years-old, Plymouth, MA and Upstate New York

  • As a teenage athlete, I have worked with many trainers, coaches, and pros in my time; many of these people have been nationally recognized in their respective fields. Yet, none of these people affected my life as profoundly as you have.

    You taught me everything I needed to begin a rigorous training program. I also suffered from acute laziness and you inspired me with motivation.

    The only way to express my appreciation for what you have taught me is to continue the life-style of exercise and wellness. See you for next years Falmouth Road Race.

    Rebecca A., 3-year client, 22-year-old, New Seabury, MA and West Palm Beach, FL

  • Coming out of a 9 month stay in a rehab hospital after suffering a brain injury with intense atrophy, my Satin Wellness Specialist changed my life.

    During those 9 months, I could not even support his neck and could barely walk. By the time I came home I couldn’t do much more than walk and was still very weak.

    Satin Wellness changed all that by bringing his brain, body, muscles, and strength back, but infinitely more important we showed me how capable I was. The LROME™ program is amazing!

    I got new confidence which was hard to find, especially after a traumatic injury. The time we spent together was full of laughs and smiles, well encouraged work and helped to get me back and then some. I am heading off to college on my own!

    David P. , 8-year client, 28-year old, Sandwich, MA and Hawaii

  • My Satin Wellness Specialist has been a great guide to my over-all wellness. She has helped my overcome many injuries and kept me on track to complete my goal of walking for 2000 straight days! Yes, that is 2000!

    I marvel at the exercises and continuously challenging program that she has instituted. The Strength to Live program really does work. To be able to focus on strength, flexibility, strength and nutritional components have been perfect and fit into my busy lifestyle. I really appreciate her help.

    Betty C. , 3-year client, 72-year-old, North Falmouth, MA

  • I have worked out with Steve at home. As an athlete, I constantly have injuries that need treatment. Whether it was a torn labrum, lower back pain, or flexibility issues, Steve has helps by giving stretches, and weight training exercises. Besides having injuries, Steve developed a football weight training program specially designed for my strengths and weaknesses. He has a vast amount of knowledge, and is easy to contact if I want new information, or develop new injuries, or questions. Overall, he does a great job keeping me in shape and preparing me in the off season, while helping me to recover from injuries.

    Sam R. , 2-year client, 20-year-old, College Football Player, Newton, MA

  • During an extremely busy and very stressful time in my life (working on a full-time Master’s program, selling my parents’ house as my mom has Alzheimer’s and had to be placed in a nursing home). I was starting to eat more and more cookies, and I was also in-between trainers (it was a bad break-up) and I not only had very limited time, I was a bit shy to go back to the gym. However, the smartest (and most luxurious) things I did for myself at that point was to have a trainer come to the house.

    Steve and I have been friends for gosh almost 15 years (?) now, I knew he was smart, but it wasn’t until two of the Satin Wellness Senior Wellness Specialists started coming to my houses to train me that I knew why they do so well, they do well by their clients.

    During this all-consuming time in my life Ben and Pat offered to come over and train with me. I have been using trainers consistently since 1988, and frankly poo-pooed the idea of a trainer coming to the house as I did not have a large gym in my home. This would be a waste of my time, money and there would be no results to be had.

    I was wrong and when I started using LROME™, I understood when you use proper strength training you don’t need heavy weight; just proper form.

    We can all admit that in times of super stress and limited time, and you start to develop a bad chocolate chip cookie problem, the first thing you give up is the gym. Even though it keeps you grounded and healthy and can help you get through this rough patch. By Ben and Pat coming over to train with me four times a week, I was able to increase my fitness level that would had woefully suffered had I not seen them. That, and they doubly made sure my workouts were specifically designed for my skiing this winter. So, when I got to Vermont for my winter hibernation I was not a useless mess.

    Thank you!

    Janet R., 2-year client, 50-year-old, CEO, Boston, MA and West Palm Beach, FL

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