At Home Rehabilitation

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Our specialized wellness programs make the difference in many people’s lives. We help those with brain injuries, people recovering from illness, the elderly and many others with special needs.


At Satin Wellness we develop pre-habilitation programs to prepare our clients for any specific issue (i.e. surgical procedure). This is similar to Physical Therapy but is preventative physical therapy. Many Orthopedic Surgeons and Physicians in Boston, the South Shore, Cape Cod and Palm Beach have their patients work with us. We tailor individual programs whether you want to hit a golf ball further, hit a tennis ball without discomfort or walk up and down stairs without back or knee pain. We assist in your proper biomechanics to increase your chances of success.

Many of our older clients use Pre-habilitation before surgical procedures. Our LROME™ program teaches clients how to focus on strengthening specific muscles groups in order to make tasks less difficult. These strength and balance exercises are especially important in preventing emergency situations including stumbling and balance issues. Pre-habilitation stops the decline of strength and increases self-confidence.


At Satin Wellness we design customized Rehabilitation programs as part of a fitness program to increase mobility and muscle strength following an injury, illness or trauma.

These specific exercises help clients overcome obstacles they may face while attempting to perform daily tasks. Our rehabilitative physical therapy programs help you recover strength, muscle use and speed up your recovery.


At Satin Wellness we design customized Post-habilitation programs to help you reach the apex after an injury. If you have a specific injury or disability we can help you reach your goals.

When you go through post-rehabilitation, you’re striving to reach goals, extend beyond any issues and become stronger and healthier.

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