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    Being overweight is an issue as a doctor. Having a stroke was an issue for my life and family. I decided to do something about it. I did my research and called Satin Wellness. I went to physical therapy; which was great, but when I finished I needed more Satin Wellness was all I could ever ask for! They came to my home at my time (6 a.m.) and concentrated on my specific issues and helped me get further than I ever would have on my own.

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    Since 1994 I have been training with Satin Wellness and LROME™ has made me stronger! It helped me recover from two heart attacks, three major surgeries and multiple strokes much sooner than expected. My Specialist spoke with my doctors and developed a program to help me get all the way back. Working with Satin Wellness is a lifesaver; when we first started back after my second major heart attack I could only exercise with one pound hand weights and walk 5 minutes at a time. I am now strength training three times a week and I’m very strong. Not bad for 76 years old.”

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    I have worked with my Satin Wellness Specialists since 1996 and they have assisted me in overcoming a debilitating case of Spinal Stenosis so that I can continue my Dental practice. I see my Specialist three times per week and it is amazing how good I feel after our sessions. Waking at 5:30 to see my Specialist at my home is not the easiest thing in the world, but without it I would not have been able to continue practicing.

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    Satin Wellness has the only program that worked for me.
    I was 5’2 and weighed 240 pounds when we started. I had tried it all. I now run, lift weights, take care of my Grandchildren and am very happy. I am astonished that I could do all of these things. At 70 I never thought I could become this fit and feel this great! I have changed my body, how I feel and LROME™ has helped me feel great about myself! My Specialist helped me with gentle humor and understanding.

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    I was a former cyclist and Triathlete who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident ten years ago.My prognoses while in a five month coma was pessimistic – even to survive.

    I had therapy periodically, but that has been sporadic and has essentially stopped. Enter Satin Wellness – who has changed my life!‘Your constant and consistent training coupled with positive verbal driving has made my progress to where I am walking up and down stairs, riding a bike alone, and kayaking. I continue to climb the hill toward returning to an ever-increasing functional life -and I recognize that this is the most important thing to me.

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    Thanks very much for your help in addressing and apparently curing my sciatica issues.

    As you know, I have experienced chronic, excruciating pain during the past year. This resulted from the dislocation of discs, which were touching and aggravating the sciatic nerve. I had tried several remedies, including chiropractic and treatment from various physical therapists, all of which seemed to have minimal, if any, impact on the recurring pain and mobility.

    Following my first treatment with you, however, I observed a tangible reduction in pain and discomfort. Following subsequent treatments, and a daily regimen of exercise, the pain appears to have been completely eliminated. In addition, the stretching and strengthening program you have developed for me is inspiring confidence that the pain will not recur, while also strengthening muscles critical to the many other sports I enjoy, including tennis, golf, jogging and skiing.

    I am delighted with the results. You have provided me with an exceptional level of understanding of the causes of my pain, and expertise in applying the correct remedies. It is great to be pain-free after almost a year of discomfort.

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    I have spent many, many hours in traditional physical therapy over the last 10-15 years for help with my lower back. Some of it was very helpful, but the problems always came back. There are two big differences between physical therapy and sessions with my Satin Wellness Specialist. The obvious one is that he is paid to spend more time tailoring exercises and sessions to my specific needs, unlike physical therapists that are seeing many more people to the point that I sometimes felt like I was part of an assembly line. The other equally important difference is his attitude. His plan is not just to ease the pain, but to get rid of it altogether and to improve my overall physical well being so that I can do anything I want. He assumes that I can get to that point and it has changed my outlook. I am looking forward to being physically stronger than I have been in a very long time.

    I had been having many hours of sciatic pain on a daily basis when I started my first session with my specialist. The exercises I had learned in physical therapy were no longer working and I was feeling worried and depressed about it. My specialist took me through a series of uncomplicated exercises during which he would repeatedly ask, “How’s your foot now?” I was amazed that my foot pain went away during some of these exercises. By the end of the first session, the pain was down about 75% and I felt even better later in the day.

    I have had just 5 sessions with my specialist so far and the difference has been pretty incredible. I had one day where I “forgot” about my back problem altogether for most of the day. That hasn’t happened to me for a very long time. I have been doing core exercises daily and focusing on posture, especially while driving, which has always been a problem for my back. Now I’m able to take long drives without any lasting pain. I have never done any strength training but I will be starting that now with my specialist since my back is much better. After years of chronic back problems, I never thought I would feel this optimistic about my physical well being.

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    I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how thoroughly happy and satisfied I am with the program you have developed for me by the Satin Wellness Team.

    My shoulder bursitis has resolved. I have noted more strength when I hit a tennis ball… My stamina with bicycling, and my ease with going up hills has improved. And my family and I recently visited a tree adventure park where we were needed strength, stamina, balance, and thought to navigate the complex and challenging courses – I was amazed at my improved balance walking along rope lines and at my ability to climb up and down without feeling tired or achy. – I did more courses than I thought I would be able to do!

    As an Internal Medicine physician, I know the importance of routine exercise and discuss it routinely with patients. This regimen, coupled with additional cardiovascular training, has been quite helpful and easily fits into my hectic, busy schedule. I review and do my regimen at my own pace at the time of my choosing.

    When my specialist said it would take 20 minutes 3-4 times per week, he was right! The exercises targeting specific muscle groups done appropriately and correctly (and I always can review my print copies or discuss with the Team if I am uncertain) has been quite enlightening and for me, noticeably helpful! This is a regimen that I know I can stick with!

    As I tell patients, I walk the walk and talk the talk – I would never make a referral to a program, a physician, a hospital that I would not choose for myself. This program via Satin Wellness is a solid program that I proudly recommend.

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    5 year client – 180 pound weight loss. In May 2004, I had seen Satin Wellness on a Saturday with clients. They went out of their way to stop and tell me what a great job I was doing and to offer encouragement. That meant a lot to me. I remember thinking that I would love to work with a trainer if and when I ever got healthy enough. Well, around the end of August, I felt ready enough to approach them and I sent them an email.

    Working with Satin Wellness has taught me so much about the mental aspect of exercise. I look forward to our workouts because I really feel like I’ve worked properly and I have a great time doing it. What I like the most is his emphasis on form first. Small adjustments make such a huge difference and I could saw changes pretty quickly. They always seem to know what I need, what I can take any given week. They know when I need to be serious, and when he needs to cut me some slack. As to how much and how fast I lost this weight, I lost the first 100 pounds by the six month mark, and 160 at the one year mark and an additional 13 since January 10.

    I started at 340 pounds! I am now at 170 and I am running marathons!! Every drop of sweat has transformed me not only physically but I got mentally stronger everyday. I did not go on a diet per se; I did however cut out the junk, and work hard at eating healthy every day. I wanted a life change, not a quick fix.

    To me, diet implies you eventually “come off” something. I have occasionally gotten a little sloppy in my eating but never overeat. I am now able to dial it back when eat something unhealthy. However, I firmly believe that what created such a large weight loss in such a relatively short time is EXERCISE. Even at my heaviest I have always been fairly active. I sometimes had to remind myself I was a fat chick, however, I wasn’t working hard, and as I get older, it was getting a little more difficult to move freely. At 41, it was beginning to be a huge health issue. That being said, even if I didn’t lose a pound, what exercise has done for me mentally is incredible. It’s the best drug ever invented.

    Thank you Satin Wellness.”

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    Steve was highly recommended by a colleague in my law office, and I reached out to him to help with debilitating sciatic pain.

    In a word, Steve is great. As a person that has exercised for many years off and on, I’ve worked with many personal trainers and therapist over the years, and Steve knows hiscraft better than any of them. More importantly, to me, Steve provides a level of care, attention, and personal service that is simply outstanding. I highly recommend Steve to everyone, and in particular to busy professionals.

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