BBB Business Review Satin Wellness In Home Personal Training Health and wellness requires a balanced approach. Founded in 1991, Satin Wellness specializes in in-home personal training, especially for those over 50 in Florida Personal Training and Massachusetts. Our 16 Wellness Specialists work with people in Florida (West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Bayshore Garden, Bradenton, Englewood, Fruitville, Gulf Gates Estates, Gulfport, Laurel) North Port, Palmetto, Saint Pete Beach, Sarasota, South Bradenton, St. Petersburg, South Venice and Venice), the Greater Boston area (Metro West, South Shore, Cape Cod), Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

We incorporate our proprietary scientifically proven strength training methodology, Limited Range of Motion Exercise (LROME™) to develop an individualized and comprehensive fitness program for people just like you. Our Wellness Specialists begin by using our state of the art assessment tools, in home exercises and unique compliance strategies to help reach your goals. We want to help you meet your health and fitness goals with real world solutions, even on Skype and FaceTime when you travel. Our health and fitness programs assist those like you in finding a balance with family, life, job, stress, health or any other issues you might be facing. You may have simple or complex goal(s) but your specific individual goal(s) is better served with a focused and balanced approach. Whether your goal is to walk better, stand straighter, develop healthier habits, reduce pain or increase the length of your golf shot our Wellness Specialists can help you.



In Home Personal Training

In Home Personal Training

When many people think of personal training they think of going to a gym to have someone motivate them and push them to increase or improve performance.

The Wellness Specialists at Satin Wellness are different than a personal trainer. Our Wellness Specialists are skilled at developing a fitness plan for each specific client and assisting their client in increasing their strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and balance to meet the requirements for a client.

Our clients have issues such as: wanting to get stronger, lose weight, walk well after an injury, increase their fitness for a longer and healthier life and/or just being able to hit a golf ball longer. With over 150 years of experience, our experienced Wellness Specialists can help many overcome their issues. Read More about In Home Personal Training

Satin has developed the following Keynote programs for corporate clients:

  • Strength to Lead – is a unique program for executives, managers, sales professionals, and business leaders who deal with high volume work and high stress on a regular basis. The program guides you through a proven methodology to combat stress efficiently and effectively. Designed over 23 years of direct work with CEO’s and business leaders, Strength to Lead is built with you in mind; the process is clear, concise and effective. The result is a strong body, strong mind and increased resilience, drive and stamina.
  • Strength to Live – Strength to Live is a unique program that your entire team can benefit from. The program guides your team through a proven methodology to gain wellness efficiently and effectively. Designed over 23 years of direct work with a wide variety of corporate teams, Strength to Live is built with your team in mind; the process is clear, concise and effective.
  • Creating Members and Clients for Life – The lifeblood for every Club, Manager, Director and Trainer is a facility filled with satisfied members and clients who are committed to long-term success. In today’s competitive environment it’s critical to attract members and clients and, even more importantly, to retain them over time. In this thought-provoking session, we’ll cover a five-step process for creating members and clients for life from building trust, to delivering outstanding results, to creating stellar advocates for your club and Trainers. Packed with useful ideas, this session is for the Owner, Manager, Director, Trainer and everyone in between. Let’s kick off the fall/winter of 2014 with new ways to create members and clients for life!
  • 5 Simple Exercises That Increase Anyone’s Strength Today – Our program, 5 Simple Exercises to Increase Your Strength Today takes the first component; Strength and gives you an easy and fun beginning. If you start with strength you might feel differently and then you may add the other 3 components; flexibility, cardiovascular exercise and balance. At least you could get stronger.

Satin presents his 1 and 2-Day Advanced LROME™ (Limited Range of Motion Exercise) Specialty Certification Course for Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists. It has been approved by ACE, NASM, NSCA, AFAA and TSI. He also authored Strength to Sell, a 3-hour course on real-world sales for Health Clubs and Personal Trainers. Read More about Keynote Speaker Steve Satin

LROME™ CE Course

As a personal trainer in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s critical to embrace continuous learning, update your skills and add breadth to your expertise. Understanding how to shift from being a “personal trainer” to a “fitness expert who works with people over 50” is the objective of the LROME™ 1 and 2-Day Specialty Certifications. Learn More about Personal Training Certification with the LROME™ Specialty Certifications

According to IHRSA, there are over 30,000 health clubs in the US with industry revenue of over $21 billion. Most health club owners and managers are working hard to grow membership, increase personal training revenue and improve the sales skills of their team. Today’s competitive environment requires you to increase the skills and results of your entire staff in order to meet the objectives of the club.
Steve Satin, Exercise Physiologist, founder and President of Satin Wellness Inc. in 1991, built a business from zero to over 450 private clients. In addition to train-the-trainer programs certified by ACE NASM, NSCA and AFAA, Steve provides Health Club Consulting services. Learn More
Medical Doctors and Approved Providers

Through an extensive vetting process we have found these service providers to be good at caring for their patients and our clients. See our list of Recommended Resources


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Questions, Comments & Messages

At the age of 75 most people have retired. As a practicing physician it has been critical for you as a team to assist me in maintaining my health and fitness level. After suffering a major M.I. as well as developing stomach cancer, I figured my days of practicing were over. After working with you to regain my strength and energy level it is a testament to all of you that I am practicing full time again and I am back to playing golf!

Dr. James C – 10 Year client

78, Allergist, Boston and Osterville, MA – 10 year client

Steve makes a great first impression with the students at AAPT. He makes learning interesting and fun with various activities and teaching strategies.

In conclusion, a fun and engaging class that had participants working individually and in groups trying to better themselves while in the pursuit of helping others. Steve is a rock star!

Dr Ted Bertini – Strength to Sell

MS Exercise Physiology, Academic Coordinator – American Academy of Personal Training

Thank you for presenting Strength to Lead at Dassault Systemes on July 20, 2014 to our team in Waltham and on Webex. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Participants felt that the program was relevant, informative and packed with ideas they could use immediately. Our people have high standards and your program was spot on.

Deborah Dean

Chair W.I.N. DASSAULT Systemes



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