Health and wellness requires a balanced approach.

Founded in 1991, Satin Wellness specializes in in-home personal training, especially for those over 40.

With over 150 years of combined experience our 14 Wellness Specialists have worked with over 450 people in the Greater Boston area, Metro West, South Shore, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Florida.

We incorporate our proprietary methodology, LROME™ (Limited Range of Motion Exercise™) to develop an individualized and comprehensive program for each client, in his or her home.

Our Wellness Specialists develop a custom fitness program using our state of the art assessment tools, in home exercises and unique compliance strategies.

Our goal is to help you meet your health and fitness goals with real world solutions, even on Skype and FaceTime when you travel.

Our health and fitness programs assist you in finding a balance with family, life, job, stress, health or any other issues you may be facing.

You may have simple or complex goals but your specific individual goal is better served with a focused and balanced approach.

Whether your goal is to walk better, stand straighter, develop healthier habits, reduce pain or increase the length of your golf shot our Wellness Specialists can help you.

Fitness is more than just your goal; it’s ours as well.
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In Home Personal Training
Our Wellness Specialists come to workout with you at your home because you deserve it! Read More about In Home Personal Training
LROME™ CE Course
As a personal trainer in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s critical to embrace continuous learning, update your skills and add breadth to your expertise. Understanding how to shift from being a “personal trainer” to a “fitness expert who works with people 50+” is the objective of the LROME™ program Learn More about Personal Training Certification with the LROME™ CE Course
Medical Doctors and Approved Providers
Through an extensive vetting process we have found these Doctors to be good at caring for their patients and our clients. See our list of Resources: Medical Concierge Practices
Keynote Speaker
Our flagship program “Strength to Lead” is ideal for corporate groups including executive retreats, sales meetings, and business conferences. Read More about Keynote Speaker Steve Satin
Our Specialized wellness and Rehabilitation programs make the difference in many peoples lives. More About At Home Rehabilitation
LROME Continuing Education course for personal trainers and physical therapists
Strength To Live DVD Banner LROME at home exercises
This program via Satin Wellness is a solid program that I proudly recommend.